Where Do My Donation Dollars Go?

Guest Blogger: Ronnie Williams

Making a Difference Foundation Treasurer

It’s payday and you’ve got money in your pocket. You’ve got bills to pay and have been eyeing some new shoes, but you also want to give back and support those in need. So you decide to make a donation to the Making a Difference Foundation. You realize money doesn’t grow on trees, so you want to be assured that your hard-earned donated dollar is not mishandled. You ask yourself, “I wonder what happens to my dollar when I donate to the foundation? Where do the dollars actually go?” Ahh, well there’s a journey between that hard-earned dollar in your pocket and ultimately how it helps people in need.

That journey begins the moment you donate to the Making a Difference Foundation. Whether your dollar comes to the foundation via a check, credit card, or electronically; your money is immediately deposited into the foundation’s bank account. There it is momentarily paused until it’s ready to be deployed to support individuals and organizations through the foundation’s grant and medical mission trip programs. Did you know, in 2020 the foundation provided $800,000 to serve those in need? The foundation provided funding for: medical mission trips for healthcare providers, support to numerous local organizations that serve individuals in our communities, and provided financial resources for relief and recovery services to areas impacted by disasters.

Now while your dollar awaits its further instructions, it’s not loaned to your Uncle Louie for a new pizza business. On the contrary, your money sits safely at a large federally insured financial institution where it’s cared and accounted for by the foundation’s expert Certified Public Accountant (that’s me).

Before your dollar receives its deployment orders, and continues its journey, all organizations and healthcare providers applying for grants from the foundation undergo a rigorous vetting process by the foundation’s wonderful staff.  Only after meeting certain criteria do these organization’s funding requests move forward in the process and are presented to a committee for approval. The committee reviews each funding request and ensures compliance with the foundation’s eligibility requirements. Only with the committee’s approval does the bank vault open allowing your dollar, deployment orders now in hand, to continue its journey and make an impactful difference to an individual in need.

So now you know what happens when you donate to the Making a Difference Foundation! Your dollar goes into action supporting various organizations providing needed services in your local community. Or it goes towards sending a medical provider to serve those in need of healthcare in underserved communities around the world. Regardless of the journey’s length, your dollar always ultimately goes to where you wanted it to in the first place: to people in need.


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