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Our mission is a simple one: The Making a Difference Foundation exists to ignite and support the volunteer passions of CHG employees and medical providers in their communities and around the world. We also provide financial support to nonprofit organizations who give humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters, conflicts, and other hardships.

We believe that one individual can create a ripple effect of positive change in the world. “Making a Difference” is just that – one person, starting small but thinking big. It’s individual talent + effort + focus, combined with others, to make a long and sustainable change.

As a medical provider, you are no stranger to making a difference. The healthcare you provide makes a positive impact in your community every day. But what if you wanted to expand and amplify that impact? Medical mission opportunities through the Making a Difference Foundation can help you reconnect with your passion for medicine. We can help match you to places where people are in the greatest need for your expertise and compassionate care.

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As a CHG Healthcare employee, Putting People First is what you do. Your volunteer efforts make a huge impact and make our community a better place to live. But what if you wanted to expand and amplify that impact? The Making a Difference Foundation wants to support the causes you care about and help support your passion to do good in this world.

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