Medical Mission Grant Programs

We know that the cost of medical mission trips can be prohibitive at times. For providers who would like to attend a trip but do not have the financial resources, the Making a Difference Foundation wants to help you find a way to get the funds you need.

Our mission is to help ignite and support your passion to give back through medical mission trips.

First Time Medical Mission Trip Grant

Going on a medical mission trip can be a lifelong dream for some medical providers, but often finding the time, finances, or even the right medical mission trip can be challenging. If you have never gone on a medical mission trip and want our help to find one, please reach out to our team at

If you already have a medical mission trip planned with another nonprofit but are still in need of some financial support, we want to help.  If your medical mission trip meets our eligibility requirements, then we can help cover the program cost of the trip, with grants available up to $2,000. The foundation will not cover any other expenses related to the medical mission trip, including travel. Please fill out the application and someone from our team will get back to you.

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Financial Assistance Grant

We are so impressed with the number of medical providers who are committed to sharing their talents with communities across the world. So many of you go back to the same communities year after year, developing long lasting relationship that are vital to sustainability. We would like to support your passion of giving back by offering $500 grants towards the program costs of your trip.

If you have found the perfect opportunity but just need a little financial help to get there, please apply below, or reach out to our team at

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