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The Making a Difference Foundation believes in the power of igniting the passions of medical providers through medical mission trips. But we also believe, that to go far, you must go together. That’s why we partner with world class organizations like Floating Doctors.

Floating Doctors believes that if the patients cannot come to the clinic, the clinic must go to the patients.

For over 10 years, Floating Doctors has been committed to providing ongoing care to 25 remote communities in Panama. They maintain detailed health records and are able to impact the indigenous populations that live in this remote and beautiful part of the world.

Floating Doctors deploys a team nearly every week throughout the year and treat anywhere from 20 to 200 patients per day, revisiting the same communities at least every three months to treat chronic patients.

Floating Doctors provide an opportunity to practice a very satisfying kind of medicine – where no one tells you that you have only fifteen minutes per patient or that you have to spend most of the appointment entering data into the computer. Here a house call is a common occurrence, instead of a rare treat.

Floating Doctors maintains an off-the-grid base where volunteers meet, organize the boats, and set sail to treat the communities that live along the rivers in Panama. These remote communities have poor access to care and the Floating Doctors team providers primary care services and education.

We are so grateful to partner with this wonderful organization and their staff. They remind us that when we travel and experience new things, it changes us. But when we combine real service to others with travel, it adds a new dimension to our experience. And we find that we do not take a journey; the journey takes us instead.

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