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Guest Blogger: Ronnie Williams

My name is Ronnie Williams and I have been the treasurer and financial officer of the Making a Difference Foundation (MADF) since its inception in December 2016.

My most important responsibility as financial officer is to make sure your donations are used efficiently and effectively to achieve our mission of igniting and supporting the passions of medical providers and CHG Healthcare employees to give back in their communities and around the world. I am happy to report that we have met this expectation. Currently, over 95% of all donations go directly to programs supporting our mission. Because of the generous support from CHG Healthcare, the MADF uses less than 5% of your donations for operational and administrative costs.

Since the formation of the foundation by CHG Healthcare’s executive team, I have seen the foundation grow from very humble beginnings to a financially strong and secure organization doing good in our local communities and throughout the world. I have also seen a huge amount of growth in focus over the past 5 years including adding a program that provides disaster relief and another that supports healthcare providers go on their first ever medical mission trip.

Thank you for your financial support of the Making a Difference Foundation. When we all come together, we can do great things and change the world!

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