What is Making a Difference Week?

Guest Blogger: Gregory McLeod

Making a Difference Foundation, Board of Directors

Making A Difference (MAD) Week!  What is it?  In my best Morpheus voice (Matrix reference), “What if I told you that you are about to gladly engage in a bidding war to give your money away to help people you may never meet?” Would you believe it?

While that’s not an actual line from the Matrix, it does provide some insight into the seemingly unreal nature of what actually occurs during Making a Difference Week at CHG Healthcare, across all our different office locations. Unreal preparation, unreal benevolence, unreal impact on our communities.

Making a Difference Week is a chance for CHG Healthcare employees to participate in a variety of events publicly or anonymously to help raise funds for several charities. While activities vary by CHG location, events historically have included things such as:

  • Teams getting together to create themed baskets to be included in a silent auction.
  • Co-workers showing appreciation for each other by sending them raffle tickets to give them a chance to win items such as a big screen or a spa day.
  • A live auction with an in-person auctioneer conducting the event. I’m talking high energy, serious “R” rolling, finger pointing, and all statements in triplicate, type of auction.  Just picture it, “We got $1,545 over here, can I get $16?  16! 16! 16! Sold to the man in the Chiefs cap and the skinny jeans!”

Even amidst our virtual / hybrid reality last year, we exceeded expectations with virtual bingo, trivia, game shows, and a rocking telethon and raised over $115,000. Why? Because the energy generated by compassionate hearts that are attuned to giving isn’t confined to physical space.  It’s a part of who we are.  It’s a part of what makes our culture so special.

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some quotes from various CHG employees talking about why they love MAD week:

  • “It’s fun to participate or watch the team have fun doing Trivia or Bingo” – Ben Collins, Director, WBY Neurology.
  • “I love that during MAD week we all come together as a family and that the money we raise goes to support communities in need. I love that we have the opportunity to give back. Not only is it rewarding but so much fun!” – Erika Teer, Manager, WBY Gastroenterology
  • “What I love most about MAD Week is how every person, team, and division all come together for a common cause. So much planning and preparation goes into this week, but no one minds because we all know what an impact our efforts make!” – Molly Rivera, Assignment Coordinator, at WBY
  • “The auction is great – love the energy and seeing those baskets go for the big bucks and the fights to get the baskets as the price escalates.”- Adrienne Davis, Sr. Consultant, WBY Neurology
  • “I love all the energy around truly making a difference for others. Seeing how generous and caring others around me are helps me realize the tremendous impact we can have and helps me refocus on what is truly important!” – Scott Wade, Sr. Manager, CH Gastroenterology
  • “I love the smiles I see on people’s faces.” – Tiffany Hammond, in charge of everything, WBY
  • “What I like most about MAD week is the opportunity for the company to come together. Doing fun things and working towards the common commitment to help our community. MAD week helps us to live the Putting People First mantra and it aligns with my family’s motto to give expecting nothing thereof.” – Paul Cisar, Sr. Consultant, WBY Pulm/CC

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