Sponsored Trips

Each year, the Making a Difference Foundation partners with world class nonprofits to provide you the opportunity to participate in meaningful medical missions to make a difference around the globe. In these sponsored trips, the Making a Difference Foundation actively finds providers interested in attending medical missions and helps support them through the application process. In addition, we provide financial assistance, when necessary, to support providers in covering the program costs and airfare. We are proud to announce that our upcoming sponsored trips are the following:


Date: August 3-10, 2019
Partner: Choice Humanitarian
Specialties Needed: All specialties

Quetzaltenago, Guatemala
Quetzaltenago, Guatemala

Date: September 22-29, 2019
Partner: A Broader View Volunteers
Specialties Needed: Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Dental Hygiene, Pediatrics, OB-GYN, Nurses, Therapists (Occupational, Physical, Speech)

Manipur, India
Manipur, India

Date: October 25 – November 5, 2019
Partner: Project C.U.R.E
Specialties Needed: NP’s, PA’s, Family Medicine, Midwives, Generalist, Pediatricians, EMT’s, OB-GYN, Orthopedics, Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, and Dentists.
Surgical Capabilities: General, Ophthalmic, Urology, and Gynecological.

Other Medical Mission Opportunities

In addition to our sponsored trips, we encourage you to explore the other trip opportunities provided by our partners. Our nonprofit partner organizations offer a variety of options throughout the year. These trips provide you flexible time-frames, locations, and service opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about a trip, please click on the trip information below.  If you would like to move forward on a trip please contact us to discuss further. We can support you through the process of discovery and decision, or just introduce you to a highly qualified representative at the nonprofit. We are here to support you in finding the perfect trip.

For providers who would like to attend a trip but do not have the financial resources, the Making a Difference Foundation can provide financial assistance to cover part or all of the program expenses (does not include airfare) for each trip listed to help offset your costs.  If you are in need of a program cost grant, please fill out the financial assistance application and we will contact you.

Apply Now

Cote d’Ivoire
March 9 – 16 2019

La Ceiba, Honduras
Flexible dates

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
March 16 – 19, 2019
*Mini Trip

Arusha, Tanzania

April 26 – May 5, 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal
May 23 – June 1, 2019

August 18-24, 2019

August 15 – 24, 2019

Jaipur, India
Flexible dates

Costa Rica
December 26 – 31, 2019

Already have a trip planned?

Maybe you already have a medical mission trip planned with another non-profit but are still in need of some financial help. We are here for you as well. Each month the Making a Difference Foundation provides one program cost grant to support a provider making a difference by delivering medical care or healthcare education. If you have found the perfect opportunity for you and just need a little financial help to get there, please apply using the financial assistant application or contact the Making a Difference Staff.

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