Tanzania Reaching Children's Potential Program

Date: Ongoing Dates
Partner: Global Volunteers
Program Cost & Application Fee: $2,050 – $2,600
Estimated Economy Airfare: $1,000

About Global Volunteers: Global Volunteers is a nonprofit organization facilitating short-term volunteer programs on long-term development projects. Global Volunteers only serves where invited, works under the direction of local leaders, and works hand-in-hand with local people. Global Volunteers was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in 1999 and formalized a relationship with UNICEF in 2008. Through high-level associations, Global Volunteers’ international volunteer service work protects children’s security and welfare as we address hunger, health, poverty and educational issues at the community level around the world.

About the mission:  The Reaching Children’s Potential Demonstration Project (RCP) and the new Ipalamwa Health Clinic (IHC) in Tanzania focus on child and maternal health and wellness. The emphasis is on the first 1,000 days of life – building further supports for young children so that they may reach their full potential. Medically-focused volunteers serve in the clinic, facilitate parent workshops, and participate in home visits with local staff. The IHC serves Ipalamwa and surrounding villages. Our goal is to fill gaps in quality prenatal, postnatal, and childcare. Two full time medical doctors, two nurses, a lab technician, and two medical attendants work under the supervision and jurisdiction of the ELCT–IRD medical department. In addition to child and maternal health, the clinic provides emergency health services for all local residents. Volunteer healthcare professionals work alongside their Tanzanian counterparts, providing care to village residents and making available the latest research, techniques and information in their areas of expertise.

About the country: The RCP program is located in the Ukwega Ward and centered in the village of Ipalamwa. Ipalamwa is a beautiful rural village situated in the highlands at the top of the mountain and the end of the road about a two-hour drive from Iringa in south central Tanzania. It is one of seven economically impoverished, but spiritually and culturally rich communities where Global Volunteers serves.

If you are interested in more information or are thinking about applying for this trip, please contact the Making a Difference Foundation staff through the button below or call us at 866.608.1322.

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