Partner: Flying Doctors of America
Date: April 6th – April 13th
Program Cost: $2,785 (airfare not included)
Provider: We take all medical doctors, PA,  NP, Nurses, Dentists and other medical providers.  We also take nonmedical volunteers

Medical setting: We will be working near the Pacific Ocean area of Guatemala in a make-shift clinic

Cultural experience: We will spend 3 days working in a clinic and the balance of trip touring and experiencing the culture of Guatemala

Estimated economy airfare:  $500-$700

Program includes: Included in the mission fee is lodging, meals, in country transportation,  translators, a full pharmacy and touring the country

About Flying Doctors of America: Flying Doctors of America has been providing medical mission for over 33 years and treating over 425,000 people with free medical care. A typical trip treats between 1500-2000 patients during clinic days.