Cappadocia, Turkey

Partner: International Medical Relief
Date: Various
Program Cost: $2,600
Provider: Physician, Nurse, Non-medical, Dentist, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, NP, PA, RN, APP, Primary Care, Dermatology, ER, FP, IM

Medical setting:

Join International Medical Relief (IMR) on this medical mission and health education tour in Turkey.

Our volunteer team will partner with local professionals to serve very vulnerable women and children who migrate to the region and work to pick potatoes and grapes. Every year thousands of agricultural workers from the east and southeast, together with their families, migrate to the agricultural regions of the country for the plantation, irrigation, hoeing and harvesting seasons. Workers and their families often experience challenges while moving around the country as they have limited to no access to health care services and there are concerns related to hygiene conditions at the farms.

Some of the more common diseases in this area include skin disease and disorders, GI issues, dehydration, dental caries and infections, and pain. Dermatologists, dentist, family medicine providers, emergency medicine providers, optometrists, and OB/GYN specialists will be in high demand.

Cultural experience:

From the moment you arrive in Turkey the people and culture make you feel as welcome and comfortable like nowhere you’ve ever visited. The natural beauty of the country and the inviting culture of the Turkish people are the highlights for this mission!

Program includes:

International Medical Relief began its service to the Turkish people shortly following the devastating earthquakes in the Hatay region in February 2023. Subsequently, IMR has organized dozens of medical teams to serve our Turkish friends.

Prior to the natural disaster, IMR had been working on being able to send clinical teams to this area. Now after having served during this critical time, IMR has established relationships that can be leveraged in parts of this magical country not affected by the earthquakes.

About International Medical Relief

International Medical Relief was founded in 2002 on the belief that knowledge of basic health facts and access to healthcare should not be the prerogative of select nations, regions, or classes, but should be shared by as many people as possible. We undertake our work to include some of the millions of people who have been excluded from today’s healthcare systems worldwide.

During our clinics, we partner with local medical and dental professionals to share knowledge about diagnoses and treatment. We also provide community health education so that people are empowered to provide for their own health, as well as for the health of other community members.