The Impact of Work

2019 has been an incredible year at the Making a Difference Foundation!

Our little team of three hit our 1-year work anniversary and we moved into a new space dedicated to the Foundation. We implemented new technology solutions and enhanced our communications. We received over 50 Local Grant requests and developed new partnerships for our Sustainable Healthcare Grants.

We completed 12 medical mission trips and sent 80 providers to underserved communities in Africa, Asia, and South America. These providers saw patients with body pain, parasites, headaches, eye pain, hypertension, diabetes, GI, malnutrition, and dehydration.

We are proud of what we have accomplished at the Making a Difference Foundation and know that our support has helped deliver direct healthcare and healthcare education to thousands of people around the world. We know that our support has assisted nonprofits that offer vital services to our local communities.

But facts and figures are just one way to quantify the impact of work. Here at the Making a Difference Foundation we think our impact is also something less tangible. It’s the ripple effect of positive change. We know that by helping one, we help many. And that networks continues to expand and grow well after the medical mission has ended or the grant given.

Thank you for believing in our work! And thank you for believing in the Making a Difference Foundation!

P.S. Be sure to keep an eye out for our annual report! It will offer a more in depth look at what we accomplished this past year!

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Margaret Vallejo

I am passionate about helping others make a difference - in their backyards or around the world. When not working for others you can find me spending time in the mountains, with friends, and family.

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