Sustainable Health Grants: Keeping Good Going

Guest Author: Jennifer “JJ” Jones is a writer and communicator for CHG Healthcare. This article was originally published on CHG News

Have you ever had to choose between buying groceries and going to the doctor? Thousands of families face that dilemma. Many of them are right in our own backyards. The Making a Difference Foundation is doing something about it.

The foundation believes everyone should have access to quality healthcare. That’s why they’ve developed sustainable healthcare grants to support nonprofit organizations providing care in cities where CHG offices are located.

The grants promise $15,000 a year, every year, for three years. To decide who should get the money, the foundation asked CHG employees to nominate deserving organizations. Jeremy Johnson, senior director of product management, nominated the Maliheh Free Clinic in Millcreek, Utah.

“My wife, Dr. Francis Johnson, is a family nurse practitioner who volunteers there,” Jeremy says. “With my wife, it is basically providing healthcare. With me, it’s just going and volunteering doing anything I can to help.”

In 2023, the foundation partnered with five organizations to receive the grants. The Maliheh Free Clinic was one of them.

“I’m beyond stoked!” Jeremy says. “It’s probably a fraction of their overall budget but, as we know, every little bit helps. It’s awesome!”



Other sustainable healthcare grant organizations are:

People’s Health Clinic – Park City, UT

Seager Memorial Clinic – Ogden, UT

Caridad Center – Boynton Beach, FL

Lincoln Community Health Center – Durham, NC

Sustainable healthcare grants are just one of the ways the Making a Difference Foundation helps medical providers and CHG employees give back in their communities. Watch for more stories throughout the year about how these grants are changing lives for the better.

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