Cusco, Peru

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Date: February 23- March 3, 2020
Partner: A Broader View Volunteers
Specialties Needed: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nurse, Pediatrics, General Medicine, OBGYN

About Peru: Cusco Peru is known as the undisputed historic capital of the Inca empire. Cusco also serves as the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the most famous sights on the South American continent. Situated at 3,400 m (11,150 ft), Cusco is a beautiful city of whitewashed walls, red-tiled roofs, and soaring churches nestled in a fertile mountain basin.

Although in recent years Peru has benefited from a rise in tourism that offers some economic relief, millions of Peruvians live below the poverty line. More than half of the country’s people struggle to survive. Close to one fourth of the population lives in extreme poverty. In recent decades there has been measures taken to reduce disparities between classes, but vast difference still exists. High infant mortality rates, poor sanitation, higher occurrences of communicable diseases are all issues facing the country of Peru.

Shamanism is still an important part of medical care in Peru, with curanderos, traditional healers, serving local communities. In Peru, and many other indigenous regions of Latin America, there is strong reliance on medicinal plants. Western medicine and traditional medicine are not viewed as mutually exclusive, and instead are used complementary.

About the Mission: If you love to work with children and provide healthcare education, this is the trip for you! The team will work together to set up pop-up clinics to provide care in Cusco and in communities outside of the city. The team will work at a women’s abuse shelter, girls orphanage, and an elderly care center. Expect to spend 50% of your time providing care and 50% of your time doing global health outreach, teaching about malnutrition, children’s health, oral and basic hygiene.

Most indigenous people of Peru are viewed as needing full assistance to solve their multiple health problems. Illness in these communities is made much worse from a lack of knowledge about how to manage their healthcare, resulting in needless deaths among this already diminishing population. The most common diagnosis ailments include parasites, headaches, osteoarthritis, gastritis, GERD, UTI, and physical therapy needs.

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2-day trip to Machu Picchu

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