Reflecting back on 2023

Another Amazing Year!

As president of the foundation, I am honored and humbled to see all the positive change initiated by the volunteer efforts of CHG employees and medical providers.

As the year ends, here are our staff’s favorite memories from 2023.

Margaret: The sustainable healthcare grant program means a lot to me. In 2023, our staff, officers, and board toured three clinics we support to see the difference they are making to our neighborhoods. The high level of care the volunteer physicians, nurses, and translators provide to the most vulnerable in our communities was humbling and inspiring. It helped me remember that being healthy is one of the most important and valuable things in life.


Sarah: I was proud to watch two of my good friends, Randy Archibald (Marathon Health) and Gordon Cowley (CHG), co-lead our very first client medical mission trip to Cusco, Peru. Seeing videos of folks lined up around the building to receive care at the clinic always makes me a little misty-eyed. I feel lucky that I get to be a small part of helping more people have access to compassionate healthcare.


Stephanie: 2023 was an incredible year for supporting CHG employees and their volunteer passions. We received a record-breaking number of local grant applications. I love meeting with CHG employees and hearing them passionately advocate for the causes that matter to them — things like animal rescues, food pantries, adoption agencies, healthcare clinics, youth organizations, and other programs to support those in need. The work I do makes it easy to see that we’re all a part of something that makes this world a better place.

Thank you to the Making a Difference Foundation staff, donors, board, and officers for helping us grow and improve every year.

Let’s make an even better 2024. Our communities need YOU!

Happy Holidays,
Julie T. Sibthorp
President, Making a Difference Foundation

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Julie Sibthorp

Julie is the President of the Making a Difference Foundation. Outside of my work at the foundation, I love traveling and learning about new cultures. (Fun fact, I have visited 40 different countries.) I am an avid reader, podcast listener, and much of my free time is spent exploring in the outdoors with my husband and our children.

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