New Year, New Ways to Travel

Covid has changed so many plans over the past 2+ years. I think almost everyone has experienced some sort of event or trip being postponed, rearranged, or just canceled all together. It still seems like every month our plans for medical mission’s change. It’s hard to plan when the world around us is constantly changing. That’s why, in the last year, the Making a Difference Foundation has adopted new ways (and new grants!) to help medical providers go on medical mission trips.

Finding The Right Trip

Often we hear that folks have wanted to go on a medical mission trip for years. There are a number of reasons why someone hasn’t gone. Maybe it’s finances, not really knowing a good organization, or not having the time. That is where our team comes in! We are here to help you find a great partner and a trip that fits your needs. Each year we partner with some of the best medical mission organizations to give you a wide range of opportunities to consider. We also have a bunch of great resources on our blog including how to choose a medical mission and how to mentally prepare.

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Going on Your First Trip

If you’ve never been on a medical mission trip, we have a grant available to help cover up to $2,000 of the program costs (food, housing and transportation in country) of your trip. We will pay that directly to the nonprofit organization or church you are traveling with – as long as they meet our eligibility requirement. It’s very possible that once you’ve gone on a trip you will find a lifelong passion for bringing medical aid to places in the world that need it the most.

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Supporting your Passions

If you are one of those folks who travels often with your favorite organization, we want to help you keep that passion alive by offering a $500 grant towards the program costs of your trip. We are willing to offer you this grant once a year, up to 3 times total. Keep making a difference, and we will keep supporting your great work!

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Who Do You Know?

We don’t want to brag, but we have a lot of nonprofit friends. Some we have on speed dial! Four times a year we send out emails letting you know of trips that our partners have and need help with. If you want to be on our list of providers who get updates about these trips, we would love to have you join our mailing list. We try to send out only one email a month, so we promise not to fill up your inbox.

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We are looking forward to our world getting back to something resembling normal and helping you get on a medical mission trip. Feel free to reach out to us any time.

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I am passionate about our focus to help ignite and amplify the passions of others. Some of my passions include: making healthcare more accessible, helping providers find medical missions, playing ice hockey, reading a great book, and enjoying the amazing Utah mountains.

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