Medical Mission FAQ

  • Is there eligibility criteria to attend a medical mission trip?

    YES. You must be a licensed and practicing healthcare professional to attend a trip.

  • How far in advance do I need to apply for a trip?

    Most of our nonprofit partners require three to six months of planning time prior to the trip. Advance dates and times are provided in the detail pages of each medical mission trip offered. If you do not find this information, please contact the Making a Difference Foundation.

  • Is there an application process?

    YES. After discussing opportunities with the Making a Difference Foundation, providers interested in a medical mission trip will be required to apply with our nonprofit partner for the desired trip. Each nonprofit has different application criteria but we are here to help you every step of the way.

  • Does the Foundation pay for all medical missions?

    NO. Our mission is to assist healthcare providers to find their passion in participating in medical mission trips to underserved communities around the world. However, for many of the trips, we can provide donations to our nonprofit partners to cover some of the costs. If you would like to go on a medical mission trip but need some financial assistance, please fill out a financial assistance grant application to be considered for a grant. We would ask providers who do not have a financial need to cover the full costs so the Making a Difference Foundation can help provide grants to support other healthcare providers.

  • What are the costs of a medical mission trip?

    The cost of participating in a medical mission vary based on a variety of factors including location, length of stay, cost of travel, and type of accommodations. In general, costs fall into three main areas:

    Program Costs: Typically all the costs while you are in-country are covered in the program cost including: food, ground transportation, and lodging.

    Transportation Costs: Includes the cost of getting from your home to the mission country. The bulk of these costs is airfare but may include accommodation and other types of transportation.

    Personal Costs: All other costs associated with the trip will be your responsibility. This may include, but is not limited to: vaccinations, application or administrative fees, passport and visa fees, travel insurance, malpractice insurance,  trip extensions or tours, personal needs, and incidentals.

  • What if I already found a medical mission trip through a nonprofit not associated with the Making a Difference Foundation and still have a financial need?

    Our mission is to help healthcare providers find their passion in giving back. If you have found the perfect opportunity and the only thing holding you back ins the cost, we provide a number of grants to healthcare providers to help them participate in a trip with an eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If you are interested in being considered for a grant, please apply using the financial assistance grant application form.

  • How were these partner nonprofit organizations selected?

    These partner nonprofit organizations are experts in the field of facilitating medical mission trips. We have fully evaluated each organization through general research, charity evaluation tools, conversations with past trip participants, and onsite visits by our team. We have partnered with nonprofits who have shown a history of success in managing healthcare initiatives and missions in underserved communities.

  • What is the work like?

    Every clinic looks and feels different. The site, the number of patients, their culture, and the capability of the team all contribute to the uniqueness of the trip. In general, the work is hard, the patient load high, and the days long but the reward of helping others in underserved communities is often life changing.

  • How long does a medical mission last?

    Medical missions vary in length depending on the location, the nonprofit partner, and the need in the local community. However, on average, most medical mission trips range from 7-10 days.

  • Can I extend my visit?

    YES. If you would like to extend your trip, you may do so at your own cost, after the completion of the medical mission program.

  • Can I bring a guest?

    Depending on the medical mission trip objectives and space availability, guests are allowed on many of the offered trips. Please see the detailed information on each trip to determine if guests are allowed. If you have any questions about guests, please contact the Foundation. Guests are responsible for all costs associated with the trip.

  • Can I donate to the Making a Difference Foundation?

    Absolutely! Any donation you provide to the Making a Difference Foundation will be used to help us continue to send providers on medical mission trips and make meaningful change through our grant program. Please use the donate page on our site.

  • Will I receive a contribution receipt for my donation?

    YES. At the end of the calendar year, you will receive a contribution receipt for your taxes from the Foundation.