Looking Back and Looking Forward: My Time on the Making a Difference Foundation’s Board

Guest Blogger: Morris Jensby

Former Making a Difference Foundation Board Member

Serving on a charitable non-profit board in any capacity has the potential provide new vision to the needs of society and community, opens your heart to opportunity building, and tests your commitment to steward funds and services that can change the lives of the most vulnerable far beyond the limits of your own charitable giving. Serving on the board of the Making a Difference Foundation since the time it was established provided all those opportunities for me AND it gave me the opportunity to see the core values of CHG and the leadership team on full display. Medical services delivered to far reaches of the globe, partnerships with established, well-organized, and committed medical and educational service agencies, and a determination toward sustainable funding that can be counted on through good times and challenges.

There is not, and never was, one person’s charitable passion as the driving force. It has been the culmination of a culture of caring…caring about healthcare services and providers, caring about serving the vulnerable and underserved whether they are on far continents, within the broad reach CHG company enterprises, or a charitable cause just down the street from one of our offices. When a need was determined by any employee, a provider, or a charitable partner, MADF could step in and step up to finding solutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to serve struggling employees and their communities opened new uses for the funds so diligently stewarded by the foundation. Flexibility was tested and achieved beyond the boundaries previously envisioned; evidence of a strong, dynamic, and committed foundation!

For those reading this who I worked besides, with, and for at CHG and those whom I never had the privilege to meet, I thank you for the opportunity and your confidence to allow me to serve on the MADF Board. Having retired from CHG in December of last year and now retiring from the MADF Board, I’ve seen many of the differences the generosity of CHG employees have made in lives, communities, and nations. The future of MADF is in very good hands if you all stay vigilant to the mission of this foundation of your own creation. While my path is now set in a new direction, hopefully with many more years of service left in these bones, I will always be anchored in the Making a Difference Foundation. My heart will beat with every new good work. Carry on!

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