Local Grant Story: The Inn Between

Guest Blogger: Deb Lillie

It was 2015, when I first learned about The Inn Between on the 10:00 pm news channel.  The story was about a nonprofit “16-bed pilot project” facility, to provide people who lack housing a safe haven during a medical crisis or when terminally ill. I turned to my husband and announced that I needed to be involved with this program in some way, shape or form.

I feel passionate about this cause because it hits close to home. Some of my closest relatives are either currently homeless or have been at one time or another. It is a very real problem and most people don’t understanding that being homeless does not mean that a person is a bad human being. After learning about The Inn Between, I reached out and began helping in any way I could, even showing up for support rallies. I had just started a new job with CompHealth (a CHG company) 2 months prior to getting involved, my new team and division helped with my first fundraising event for The Inn Between during the holidays. The organization had on their wish list several guitars for the residents and volunteers to be used for musical therapy support. It filled my heart with so much joy that we were able to purchase the guitars along with many other needed items. It also meant a lot that my team helped out, it was amazing proof that people do care. As a CHG employee, I was also able to apply for a grant to be sent to The Inn Between to help with the medical costs of the residents.

Since 2015, I have loved feeding the residents, organizing fund raisers, and organizing volunteer opportunities with my team to help out at the residence.  Along with fueling my passion, it pulls me up to do good deeds for our community and I stand taller every time I get to visit. This cause is not for everyone. I get it. But for me it is a personal way to support a cause that has impacted my family and means a lot to me.

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