Local Grant Story: Rape Recovery Center

Guest Blogger: Adia Thornton

Today was the worst day of Jane’s life and I held her hand for it. I supported her through an invasive exam. I helped her file complicated paperwork. I also stood up to the nurse on her behalf. At 3 am I made phone calls to help her find a place to sleep that was safe.

Working with the Rape Recovery Center started small. I knew sexual violence was an epidemic and I was passionate about helping survivors. At the same time, I didn’t feel like I could commit a lot of time to it. Working for the Crisis Line I was able to help survivors from the comfort of my home. Every week I would take calls and help survivors and their families. That spark turned into a flame. I wanted to do more.

I started doing outreach and tabling events like Homeless Connect. My passion for this non-profit grew with each person I helped. After 16 months on the Crisis Line and Outreach team, I joined the HRT team in August. Now, I’m there at the hospital and have the privilege to give trauma informed support to survivors in the aftermath of the worst days of their lives. My hope is by giving this care early they have the best shot at recovery. My involvement with the RRC continues to deepen as I constantly search for ways to support them and their mission. I’ll go to community events to talk about the intersection of sexual violence and homelessness. I’ll attend symposiums to become more educated. I’ll raise money on their behalf. I will do everything in my power to help survivors.

Tomorrow will be the worst day of someone’s life. I’ll be there for them too.

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