Local Grant Story: Down Syndrome Association

Guest Blogger: Kayla Christy

Working with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte fuels my passion in more ways than one. To be surrounded by some of the most incredible individuals (who happen to have an extra chromosome) not only teaches me to be kind and considerate, but to be open to all possibilities. It teaches me to strive to make positive change and use every opportunity given to its fullest.

I work at CHG Healthcare, and when it comes to our company’s core value of putting people first, people with Down syndrome may be the greatest examples I’ve ever encountered. Being a part of the Down Syndrome Association for 6 years now, it has been incredible to see the continuous growth, positive improvements, and renowned impact this organization has made to break down stigmas in society and bring inclusiveness to the lives to individuals with Down syndrome. They love with no agenda and welcome everyone with open arms. Every moment I’ve spend volunteering fuels me to become the greatest person I can be. I only hope that I’m able to share a little bit of the same magic they have given to me.

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I am passionate about our focus to help ignite and amplify the passions of others. Some of my passions include: making healthcare more accessible, helping providers find medical missions, playing ice hockey, reading a great book, and enjoying the amazing Utah mountains.

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