La Antigua, Guatemala

This was the Making a Difference Foundation’s second time to Guatemala with International Medical Relief. We were so excited to take five CompHealth physicians to help deliver healthcare and health education to the Guatemalan people.

The CompHealth providers joined a larger 50 person team, with varying specialties and backgrounds. The team ended up seeing a lot of families – mostly mothers coming with their children. Many of the children had never had an opportunity to be seen by a doctor. It was heartwarming to see how thrilled the mothers became when they heard what a great job they were doing caring for their loved ones.

Clinics were held in schools, community centers, and other public spaces around La Antigua. In addition to the providers having to adapt to the physical clinic spaces and lack of certain resources, the doctors also had to adapt to the everyday realities that the Guatemalan people face. For example, the question wasn’t, “Are you drinking enough water?” the question was, “Do you have access to clean drinking water?” or “How much water are your drinking each day?” In this particular example, the answer was very little.

Dental care is also severely lacking in Guatemala, but it’s so important and a key indicator of health. This medical mission was lucky enough to have a great dental team, and although they were only able to participate for half of the clinic days, they ended up seeing more than 230 patients and pulling 83 teeth.

Dr. Christine Kramer, DO, a locums tenens family medicine provider with CompHealth shared, “It was very long, long workdays. We got to see a lot of things though, and it was exciting to meet different people and talk with them.”

The Making a Different Foundation is proud of the great work and care provided by these physicians. This is another great example of how a few people can make a big difference.

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