Donor Series: Why CHG CEO Supports the Making a Difference Foundation


Over the next month, we will hear from several Making a Difference Foundation donors as to what motivates each of them to give back.  This month I asked Scott Beck, to share his “why” behind his support for the Making a Difference Foundation.


Why I’m proud to support the Making a Difference Foundation

In the world today, there is a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. That’s why I am proud to support the Making a Difference Foundation and the work they do.

The foundation is a natural extension of CHG Healthcare’s purpose and core values — particularly Putting People First — for a number of reasons.

  • Through its support of the Employee Compassion Fund, the foundation provides an additional safety net when our people are facing financial hardship as the result of caring for a loved one, an illness, or even following a natural disaster.
  • The foundation’s medical mission trips create a powerful ripple effect. These trips provide essential services such as medical care, hygiene support, and other services that can make a huge difference in the lives of those who receive them. They are especially meaningful to me when we have the opportunity to pair our providers and our employees with people and communities in need across the globe.
  • The foundation offers a helping hand by supporting nonprofit organizations where CHG employees give back, medical providers volunteer, and disaster relief efforts are taking place. It’s extremely rewarding, gratifying, and humbling to me. Plus, it also gives me peace of mind knowing that over 95% of donations go directly to supporting these – and so many other – great programs.
But the foundation doesn’t succeed through the donations of just one person. It takes the compassion and generosity of lots of people. Whether you donate money, time, or resources, we all have the power to help those in need. Consider supporting the Making a Difference foundation today. Your support could make all the difference.

Thank you to Scott and to all our MADF donors. We couldn’t do this work without you!

As we get ready for our largest  fundraiser – CHG’s Making a Difference Week (October 2 – 6, 2023) – we hope all CHG employees choose to participate and continue to donate to the Making a Difference Foundation. We know that together we can make such a huge impact.

Julie Sibthorp

President, Making a Difference Foundation

About the author

Julie Sibthorp

Julie is the President of the Making a Difference Foundation. Outside of my work at the foundation, I love traveling and learning about new cultures. (Fun fact, I have visited 40 different countries.) I am an avid reader, podcast listener, and much of my free time is spent exploring in the outdoors with my husband and our children.

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