Addressing Common Fears

Planning for international travel can be a little stressful. Add in a remote medical mission and it can be downright scary especially if you don’t know what to expect. When we talk to providers who are getting ready for a medical mission, they often share with us some concerns. The…

Getting Involved at Home

While it can be invigorating to volunteer overseas, getting involved at home is just as important. Volunteer work is more than a story or a line on a resume – it’s an essential part of a functioning society. But choosing where to focus your time and talents can be difficult….

The Importance of Health Education

When thinking about doing a medical mission trip most people will ask themselves questions like, where am I interested in going, how long can I be away from home, or do I have to speak the language? This are all valid questions, and ones that only you can answer. But…

Making a Difference In Guatemala: My medical mission story

Guest Blogger: Wendy Barton I work for a company called CompHealth, and it is our purpose to make a difference for our people, providers, and clients, and our community. Helping to fulfill this purpose through my daily work is something I’ve always been really proud to be a part of….

Making a Difference in the Heart of the Masai Mara

Jambo! Recently five advanced practice professionals embarked on an incredible journey to the Masai Mara in Kenya. These providers were greeted with the warmth and hospitality you experience only from the Masai. As they entered the village the people were singing a native welcome song, and immediately our providers were…

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