Mid-Year Recap from the Making a Difference Foundation

Guest Author: Eddie Christensen, Board Chair, Making a Difference Foundation

It seems unbelievable to me, but we are already at the midpoint of 2023.  The first half of 2023 has been very productive for the Making a Difference Foundation (“MADF”).  In January, the board, officers, and staff traveled together to Southern Utah for the first ever MADF retreat.  We took time to reflect on what the MADF had accomplished over the five years since its creation.  In the first five years of its existence, the MADF has donated $1,979,929 to charitable organizations and facilitated countless hours of volunteer work in numerous areas all around the globe.  Like many people, the MADF evolved through the COVID-19 pandemic to emerge stronger and more focused on what’s important.

One important thing that came to light during the recent MADF retreat was that something was missing from the MADF mission.  In our focus on facilitating the delivery of healthcare in underserved populations, we realized that many of the healthcare needs coalesced around humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and conflicts.  Given that many of the healthcare needs related to these circumstances, it seemed natural that the MADF can and should continue to make an impact in ways other than through just sending healthcare providers.  Accordingly, we resolved to refine our mission to add a very important focus – “humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters, conflicts, and other hardships.”  Although we had already been focused on this important work, we acknowledged our mission lacked this specificity.

Through the first half of 2023, the MADF has supported a lot of great organizations and fostered a significant number of hours of volunteerism.  The MADF has donated $58,500 to 24 charitable organizations where CHG Healthcare employees individually volunteer their time.  The MADF has donated $3,000 to 8 charitable organizations where CHG Healthcare teams volunteer.  The MADF supported and facilitated 5 medical mission trips to India, Panama, Guatemala, Poland, and Kenya.  Finally, the MADF donated $15,000 to Lincoln Community Health Center in North Carolina and $15,000 to the People’s Health Clinic in Utah to help provide direct healthcare to our uninsured friends and neighbors.

In furtherance of our stewardship responsibilities, in January the MADF board, officers, and staff toured the Maliheh Free Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As you might surmise from its name, the Maliheh Free Clinic is a clinic that provides free, same-day access to high quality urgent medical care for qualified patients.  In May, the MADF board, officers, and staff toured the People’s Health Clinic in Park City, Utah.  The People’s Health Clinic is a volunteer-driven, community supported non-profit clinic that provides high quality care at no cost to uninsured residents of Summit and Wasatch Counties.  The MADF has financially supported the Maliheh Free Clinic since 2022 and the People’s Health Clinic since 2020 through its Sustainable Healthcare Grants.  These clinics make a meaningful and sustainable impact in healthcare and we are proud to support these amazing organizations.

We will continue our efforts through the rest of 2023 and look forward to connecting with you periodically.  Until then, take care.


Eddie Christensen

Board Chair, Making a Difference Foundation

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